“Well, the whole damn weekend Came ‘n went, Frankie”

(a quote from the F. Zappas’ “Flakes”)

A few notes…
1) Thanks to all for following and comments. It gives me great confidences and courage for this new endeavour.
2) This is all happening in Athens, Greece, the boat’s in Porto Rafti, on the hard, in Kosta and Paulas’ backyard boatyard. They’re a great couple with the cutest daughters 5 and 7 years old. I couldn’t be in better hands. Kosta’s my main man, Paula’s coffee is BADASS!

37°52’03.32″ N  24°01’50.50″ E

3) This blog is going to be in English, hopefully attracting an international audience.

Weekend #2.
JOB…. Get all the “stuff” and the mast off the boat to make room for all the things that need to be done…
(bytheway… no pictures or videos this week, sorry,  I’ll do better next week)
STATUS… mission accomplished! But I still feel like I haven’t done anything?!

So… got up Saturday at 6am and went to work, not on the boat, real work doing sound for an arterial surgical conference…. boring and a bit disgusting. Finally got on the boat at 5pm, cracked open a beer and was about to eat when my cuz G.S. calls saying he found the key to his storage shack and to get over there now. After seeing the shack and pleased that it’s fine for the purpose, I had a bite and 3-4 ouzos and got back to just before dark. Spent the evening fooling around with the lights and stuff (which I gotta replace) and drinking raki. Went to bed, frooze my but off again, and woke up with a freaking hang over…. not smart!
Sunday, after making myself feel better (thanks Paula!), I had a meeting with Kosta and made an initial “to do” list and proceeded dumping the stuff off the boat. Fenders, windvane, jerry jugs, life vests, “deflatable” tender, deck seats…. pretty much two car loads and got it all stored in the shack about a kilometre away with lunch in between (thanks G. S. and Vikki).
After potting around and getting water out of the front bilge(!), I was about to rap thinks up when Kosta tells me to move my car cause the crane’s coming to get the mast off. After a few pulled muscles and a minor heart attack, the mast is propped on the ground.

WooHoo! Clear decks, clear interior, and I’m ready for the nitty gritty!
Stay tuned….
Capt Pete
Ps…. I promise to post some visuals next week.

About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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