Yes! It’s official!

I just got back, the last bit of a week  running around. I got the papers, minus 700euros and I hereby declare I am the proud new owner of the sailing vessel “Zoot Allures”!!!!

On Saturday I got all of her belongings and moved aboard and spent the night (froze my butt off) and was totally overwhelmed by the all the “stuff” that needs to be done (mostly cleaning and sorting out).  Sunday, awaking to a beautiful day, was spent going through stuff and also being visited by a few good friends, drinking ouzo and stuff and making/dreaming plans for the near future.

I’m planning on having her launched the end of May so I got about 8 weekends to get it all done. Apparently I should haul all the stuff out of her to make room. I already took home 3 of the 5 sails and the Optimus stove and shall do the rest next weekend.
Hopefully I’ll get the mast off (a heavy sucker) and make a plan and timetable of what has to be done and when.

Thanks to all who helped me get to where I am. If you want to keep up with the mayhem, hit the “FOLLOW” button and you’ll be getting notifications for my weekly updates. Also feel free to comment and check out the previous post for youtube links and photo

Capt. Pete

About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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6 Responses to Yes! It’s official!

  1. zakis says:

    Συμβουλή: Δέσε το αγκυρόσκοινο πριν φουντάρεις την άγκυρα.



  2. svoceangypsy says:

    Capt Pete:

    Congratulations!!!!! Wishing you warm winds, warm wenches and cool drinks at sunset. I am happy for you. As a mutual friend says, “Live Slow and Sail Far”

    Best Wishes,
    Kapt Ken
    s/v Ocean Gypsy
    lying Bradenton, Florida, USA


  3. Congratulations!



    • Dragan!!
      Welcome to the “trip”
      Now all I need are charts of the Danube!


      • I will like to change my nic here!!! 🙂
        Certainly you angage me on this trip as a well known terorist from the Danube. 🙂
        Well, at this point I can offer you only charts of the Danube on its way thru Serbia…
        For a whole water sistem Danube – Raina – Maina we should consult internet…
        Did you know that from Pireus by taking the ancient naval road Cavo d’oro, Dardaneli, Marble see, Bosphorus, Black see – you can enter Danube and than to continue passing thru Belgrade and further more to the Germany and to finish your trip at Baltic see?
        Kiss to all Greek friends
        And please, publish that Osama bin Ishtar aka Conte de la Grotska is
        Dragan Djordjevic
        Captain of the motor ship


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